Internship Tips

An internship provides valuable experience and will put you ahead of the game when you go to look for a job. But landing an internship can be tough and extremely competitive. But don’t be disheartened! Below is a list of tips to help you land that dream internship.

  1. Double and Triple Check Your Resume – Make sure there aren’t any typos or other errors. If you internship application requires additional information (like a transcript), make sure that is correct and current also.
  2. Make Sure Work Experience is Given a Prominent Place on Your Resume – You may not think that your time working at Home Depot is worth putting on your resume for a museum internship, but don’t discount it. It taught you valuable skills that you bring to the table.
  3. Consider an Internship During the School Year – Internships aren’t just during the summer. Consider one during the academic year. There might not be as much competition.
  4. Make Sure to Meet all the Deadlines – Many places won’t even look at your application if it wasn’t submitted on time so make sure you have everything ready a few days in advance, just in case.
  5. Bring Your “A” Game to the Interview – First impressions do matter so remember to be respectful, prepared and professional.
  6. Be Flexible – You’re going to be asked to do many different tasks, some more pleasant than others. Don’t stick up your nose at something you’ve been asked to do. Remember, no one is above cleaning a bathroom!
  7. Ask Questions – Know the institution that you are interviewing with so you can ask thoughtful questions.

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