Portsmouth Historical Society

Monique in front of house

Monique standing in front of the John Paul Jones House

The Portsmouth Historical Society is a group of individuals dedicated to keeping the history of Portsmouth, New Hampshire alive through exhibitions, preservations initiatives, and public programming.

The Portsmouth Historical Society is made up of two parts, the John Paul Jones House and the Discover Portsmouth Center. The John Paul Jones House is the historical house where the majority of the Society’s collection is kept. The house also has a few galleries for special exhibits, period rooms, museum galleries, and a gift shop. It was here that Monique spent most of her time working with the collections.

The Discover Portsmouth Center is a town information center where visitors can go to learn about Portsmouth and its historical sites. The Center also contains a gallery and a gift shop as well.

To learn more about the Portsmouth Historical Society click on “Discover Portsmouth” on the bar at the top of the page.

Click here to see a list of current events and exhibits put on by the Historical Society!

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