The Athenaeum

While she loved working at the historical society, Monique mentioned that her most memorable experience of the internship came not at the historical society itself. Her supervisor took her out to see other historic institutions in the area, starting with the Athenaeum.

old_library_index_pgThe Athenaeum is a subscription library that began in the early 19th century. It contains an eclectic assortment of books and artifacts relating to the Portsmouth area. The main area is not open to the public but to proprietors only, meaning that, without her supervisor, Monique would never have been able to see the inside of the library. To become a proprietor, you must pay an initial fee as well as an annual fee. But most importantly, other proprietors have to vouch for your character. Monique was able to see the Athenaeum’s archives and her fingers itched for the chance to explore its collections but as she said, “I was good and kept my hands to myself.”

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